Solar Backpacks

The world moves pretty quickly these days, and as a result, the modern human is constantly on the go from one place to another. the advent of the cell phone and laptop have made us even more mobile. technology has advanced so much that people can now take their work with them, unchained from their cubicles. more and more public areas are hooked to the world wide web via wireless Internet, allowing people to connect in parks, coffee shops and plazas. you can’t walk 10 feet (3 meters) in a major city these days without seeing someone closing a deal on a cell phone, searching the internet with a PDA or checking e-mail on a laptop. there’s no doubt that it’s a digital and portable world we live in.
The problem with this kind of technology is that it all requires juice to make it happen. as advanced as these handheld devices are, every PDA, cell phone and MP3 player on Earth is limited by its battery life. the most advanced pocket computer you could imagine becomes nothing more than a paperweight once the battery runs out.
But take heart, tech-man – there’s a solution. some smart people have married solar cell technology with the old-fashioned backpack to create a charging station you can take along with you. all you need is a little sunshine and time, and you’ll never be short on battery life again. solar-powered backpacks are the latest travel gadgets in the tech world to make sure you stay connected.